Custom Wheels in Roseville, CA

The Pedal Pros is focused on bicycle wheels and wheel-related products. Our owner, Chris Willard has built hundreds of wheels and has specialized is custom wheel building for over 27 years! Our goal is to provide extremely high quality control and parts selection. Every wheel is hand built by our team, and goes through a rigorous measurement, inspection and adjustment process. These procedures ensure that each wheel meets our exact standards for radial and lateral run out, as well as spoke tension and tension uniformity. While this process consumes a considerable amount of time, we feel that it is the only way to guarantee that your wheels are reliable and perform to their highest potential.

Our custom wheel promise and guarantee

  • All wheels are laced using Wheelsmith brand Spoke Prep thread lock to ensure a longer life.
  • Light oil lubrication is used between the nipples and rims during the build.
  • All wheels are trued to within .5mm tolerance for both lateral and vertical movement when they leave our facility.
  • All wheels have less than a 5% tension variance between spokes when they leave our facility.
  • All wheels are dished correctly.
  • All wheelsets are hand stressed to minimize any spoke wind-up.
  • All wheelsets are built with the same attention to detail, regardless of the price.

You get the wheel that best fits you

At the heart of every successful wheel build is an understand of our customer's needs. Because, every application is unique, The Pedal Pros believe that it is necessary to communicate with each customer prior to the all custom wheel builds. This process allows us to help our customers select ideal components based upon their specific riding style, weight, durability and of course, budget. We want you to get the wheel that best fits you!
We love to ride and we're excited about wheels! We know the impact that a good set of wheels can have, and we're always curious about how to make improvements on our wheels. More importantly, we want you to enjoy your wheels. We want you to love them! We believe that there is no one, perfect wheelset. The ideal wheelset depends on the rider, the bike, and the ride. That's why we offer a wide variety of wheels for our customers (strong, classic and light), so that we can pair you with a wheel that better suits you! We also specialize in wheels for BMX bikes, mountain bikes, disc road bikes, tandems, recumbent s, cargo bikes, e-bikes, and even trailers.
There are a lot of great component manufacturers to choose from, and each offer something to love to all of our riders. When it comes to building your wheels, we like to keep our options open and build with what will work best for you. We are committed to designing & building an incredible riding set of wheels for our customers! In this age of manufactured product, wheel builder Chris Willard, is dedicated to the artistry of hand-built bicycle wheels and keeping the custom hand-building tradition alive! Call Us today to get started on your custom wheel build!

Why are hand-built wheels better?

Hand built wheels are more durable than machine build wheels. Tension is brought up slowly and the spokes are given the time to settle in and stretch. The wheel is made round and true before tensioning. Stress relieving between each round of tightening allows for more even spoke tensions. Higher spoke tensions are possible through hand building, to make livelier and more durable wheels! Our custom wheels are built to last, because they are built based on each individual's riding style, weight, durability and bicycle type. We don't build our wheels to just sell, we build them to fulfill the needs of our riders! Contact Us for any questions about starting your custom wheel build journey!