About Us

The perfect wheel story

The Pedal Pros's owner, Chris Willard, has a passion for what he does and has specialized in custom hand built wheels for over 27 years! Chris got hooked on bikes from his early days of racing BMX in the mid-80's and has been chasing his passion ever since. He started in the industry in 1990 as an after-school job working as a shop mechanic for Rocklin Shwinn. Building hundreds of custom wheels for Rocklin Schwinn is where Chris' journey and passion for custom wheel building began. Custom wheel building became a specialty of Chris' because it was a sign of progress in his skills as a bicycle mechanic. Even while working other jobs since then, he still found ways to invest his time in the bike industry. Chris' life sometimes revolves around bikes, as he tries to be an avid cyclist in his free time when he's not in the shop!

At The Pedal Pros you will always get something unique! Our passions have always been about artistic and functional creativity. We love the way the bicycle is such a perfect mechanical object...beautiful, efficient and simple! Over time, The Pedal Pros have developed an extremely loyal customer base that keeps them coming back! Our riders keep coming back time after time for different wheel styles as their riding style changes. Our customers know they will always get the best, quality hand built wheels out of anywhere!

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Our owner's favorite part about his job is the process of getting the bikes back to working condition, and seeing his customers get to enjoy them once again. He's worked on everything from pre-war rust buckets, all the way to the newest electronically-shifted road bikes. Our owner has seen it all, and is ready for any repair challenge. Chris even loves building wheels as a pastime, and considers it his version of "crocheting"!

At The Pedal Pros, our passion is bikes. So when you bring yours in to be repaired, you can be sure you're getting the most passionate team to do it. We'll answer all of your questions, and involve you in every step.
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